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Topology Physical Network

Bus Topology
Bus Topology have the following characteristic :
1.Nodes connective serially alongside cable, and at both tip of cable closed over with terminator
2.Very simple in installation, also very economic in the case of expense
3.Packages data is sending each other at one cable of coaxial (cable the example of RG 58) so that if node which in circuit plenty of, network performance will go down cause often happened collision
4.Do not be needed by hub at network like this, which needed many is T-Connector in each card Ethernet
5.Problem which often happened is if one of the damage card Ethernet, or impedance at cable far above or under 50 ohm (for the cable of RG 58), hence entirety network earn down, so that all node cannot communicate in network

Ring Topology
Ring Topology have the following characteristic :
1.Nodes connective serially alongside cable, with network form like circle
2.Very simple in layout
3.Packages data emit a stream of in one way so that collision can be obviated
4.Problem faced is equal to bus topology

Star Topology
Star Topology have the following characteristic :
1.Each node communicate direct with concentrator, become data traffic emit a stream of from node to concentrator, then the data in broadcast to all node which in circuit to concentrator
2.Because each data package which step into concentrator then in broadcast to all node which in circuit to concentrator, hence if node which in circuit plenty of (for example wearing hub owning 32 port, and all port loaded), collision will often happened so that downhill network performance. But this matter do not happened if hub changed with hub switch, because switch have ability to chosen one band of is target of data, do not in broadcast to all port
3.Very easy developed by because every node only in circuit directly to concentrator
4.If one of the damage card Ethernet, or one of the broken cable, hence overall of network still communicate, do not happened down at entirety network
5.Type used cable usually cable have type to of UTP

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Physical Network Tools

Ethernet Card
Is first time developed by Xerox of Corp year 70-an and popular in the year 80-an which is accepted as by family of IEEE802.3. Work pursuant to network broadcast where each node receive delivery data by other node. maximum Data length till 1,5 Kbytes. Owning address designed by factory as identity every Ethernet. Speed had now have reached 100 Mbps - 1 Gbps and have the character of Plug Play and, its meaning automatically can detect by operating system of Linux and of Windows when attached in computer. The Way of job : node will deliver data package seen beforehand workload of network (network). If business will await silent until, then node deliver its package. If happened collision (data collision) both of node deliver signal into network, then node will desist to deliver data, and after network have do not stir hence at random is trying each other to return.

Hub / Switch
Hub / Functioning Switch as connective concentrator some computer in one network also to connect some cable segment so that can reach broader distance. Hub / Switch do not have microprocessor. Way of its activity is to strengthen signal.
UTP Cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair)
UTP Cable generally use 24 AWG. Required by RJ-45 connector and of Crimp tool to pair cable to its it and there no cross between feet of connector. Consist of strand of metal couple of Rx (Receive) and of Tx (Transmit). Its Characteristic is : a couple of cable which is turned around so that can lessen noise and interference, can only handle one data canal, can transfer maximal data until 100 Mbps and its contrary Polarity 180° so that noise will is negating each other moment reach its back part.

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Computer Network

In general the so called as computer network is some computer able to interact and conduct communications one another by using peripheral of network like card Ethernet, bridge, modem and others. Between peripheral of the network connected to pass/ media, can wireless (microwave) and also with cable media like UTP, STP and also of fiber optic. Advantage use computer network for example :

  • Can conduct transfer of file or data
  • Usage of printer together by all computer unit which in circuit
  • Communications between employees in an departmental environment become more effective with existence of Email program and Chatting
  • Data access between computer can limit from undesirable consumer pass installation of password in every computer
  • If one of the computer unit in circuit with Internet pass or modem of LAN, hence all or some of unit computer at network earn also access internet with method of sharing connection

Type Computer Network
If seen from scope side and its reach, network can be divided to become some type, that is :
  • LAN (Local Area Network). Only there are one or two server and also some client and its extent only there are in one location, building or room
  • WAN (Wide Area of Network). Representing alliance of LAN, which is just its scope earn one location, for example story building or earn spread over in some location in all the world. Network this type of requiring to minimize one server to every LAN, and require to minimize two server having different location to forming it
  • Internet. Representing a group of spread over network in all the world which each other in circuit form one big network of computer. In this network some service which is often used by FTP, Enamel, Chat, Telnet, Conference, News Group and of Mailing List. Usually this network use protocol TCP / IP
  • Intranet. this Type Network represent alliance of LAN / WAN with Internet. If seen from its extent, hence this network is type of LAN / WAN giving service like service of Internet to its terminal of him. Difference of Intranet and Internet is Intranet only serving one just certain organization

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Type Data In PHP

PHP recognize three kinds of data type, that is :
2.Floating point number

Which the included in this data type is integer (do not wear comma). example of :
($a = 1234 // decimal)
($b = - 1234 // negative)
($c = 0123 // octal)
($d = 0x12 // hexadecimal)

Floating point number
Is referred as also fraction number. There are dot sign representing winnow between circular shares and fraction.
($a = 1.234 // ordinary form)
($b = 1.2e3 // exponential form)

($a = "this is data type of string")

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