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Concept Multi Tier Application

The application of internet bases on web, which we would develop in this training, be one of applying of multi tier application. Multi tier application is application divided to become some parts implementing each function. In general, there is three bodyworks of multi tier application :
- Client side presentation
Client eunuch presentation arranges how the application of interaction with user. The concerned interaction for example is how data is presented, how function and fixture application is presented. In application bases on web, client eunuch presentation is made with HTML language, CSS, and JavaScript. Some tool applied to make client eunuch presentation between of Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, etcetera. Client eunuch presentation bases on web its(the example is display the application of enamel which we are open with browser.

- Server side business logic
Eunuch server business logic, often is called as also middle tier, be part which is in control of mode of action of application. In it we arrange how function and fixture application can work carefully. In application bases on web, there are some alternative which can be applied, determined by type platform applied. This alternative will be explained more detail at part hereinafter.
- Backend storage
Part of this arranges way of data storage. Storage of data is matter that is enough is development inner complex of application. Because speed, perfection, and security of data is critical factor in application. There is many available database solutions in marketing. In general, database applied having type relational (Relational Database Management System – RDBMS). Data management is done with language SQL (Standard Query Language).

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Design And Scheme Software Database Application

To can compile an application at Access, hence before all need to be designed a data base, before entering it into Data Base Access. There are a lot of technique and way to design data base. One of them is simple, visible of steps following :
1) Collects all entities (entity) in application is wishing you are create, then determines also data items (field) in the entity. There is 2 prohibition when doing first step, that is: doesn't there is tables representing some entities, labored every tables only accommodate one entities and doesn't there are identical data item repeatedly in one entities, dissociates into other tables.

2) Specifies index locks. Index is enlisting value sequence in one fields for entity. Field made an index to called as with lock field or index field. One other of vital importance is specify primary lock. Primary lock so central important in compilation of tables, because:
a) Field given primary index, will have the character of on unique (may not be twin)
b) Key required to specify relationship between tables
3) Specifies Relationship between tables. After tables made and split, hence the next step is specify relationship between the tables. There is three relationship types between tables, that is :
a) One-To-One : it is simplest relationship, where every data at a tables, only elation with a data also in other tables.
b) One-To-Many : it is relationship which at most met, where a data at one particular tables is having relationship with many data at other tables.
c) Many-To-Many : it is relationship which must be avoided in data base scheme. If happened relationship Many-To-Many, hence having to be searched its the alternative by the way of making medium tables between the tables.
Before we enter data to data base access we need to make data base planning, data base scheme steps, that is: step firstly dissociate all entities and data items, second step determine last index and step is determine relationship.

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