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Technique Animation

Cel Animation
Element in scene changing to be drawn in conceived of transparent items sheet 'cel' and put down by above separate drawn background usually background made in long sheet and moved by during cel of him "peripatetic"
Digital Cel
Layer dissociate shares part of silent picture so that each shares can be moved individually each frame consist of background, what tend to to be kept quiet, and some peripatetic object. To make animation, prioritize to make background in is digital of cel, object is easily copied and removed.

Frame Animation Key
Key Frame is saving all information of object as a whole. Frame exist between him only change saving that happened. Usually frame key put down by at extreme change of process of in between conducted by calculation by computer
Stop animation motion
Many technique, but all the him use miniature 3D, Object is figure made in, where shares can be arranged or changed, to show peripatetic effect of existing final method of animation clay
Sprite Animation
Single saving copy of static object and note description change of object between frame change of object can be repeated continuously causing continual peripatetic effect
Motion Graphics
Formation of objects graphical which is an filter and compiled in such a manner form an change
3D Animation
Defined by number of numeric. Used by process of transformation 3D and viewing 3D. Many additional parameter, taking example illumination intensity

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