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Passware is a software company that has updated its flagship application to open the application Microsoft BitLocker hard drive encryption. Software called Forensic Passware Kit Version 9.5 can unlock the encryption for the hard dribe protected by BitLocker in a few minutes. This application scans the memory image file from the target computer and extract all the BitLocker encryption key on a disk.

Therefore, Passware has been named as the creator of the first software commercially available to break down the BitLocker Drive Encryption. Passware Kit Forensics is the application that can recover passwords from files and perform various genius decrypt file types of Word and Excel.

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Norton Rely On Reputation Technology

The concept of reputation has been used to obtain statistics and ratings to overcome various problems. Symantec began to adopt this system since Norton 2010 with hopes of improving Internet security standards. Berbasi technology will leverage the reputation of the greatest weapons owned by cyber criminals.With a reputation for technology precisely the uniqueness of the file and its attributes that help Symantec identified a new malicious program.

Technology reputation Norton 2010 can track the files and applications and dozens of file attributes such as age, source downloads, digital signatures and diffusion rate.This technology will strengthen the traditional security techniques make it more aggressive and would be more difficult for criminals to avoid detection.

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Ubuntu release GIMP

GIMP and Ubuntu loyal users were given a surprise because it is rumored GIMP Ubuntu no longer provides the following distribution packages (Ubuntu 10.04). GIMP is considered to be merely an established congenital package. Instead, Ubuntu will use the image editing application that simplified called F-Spot.

Although no longer included in the Ubuntu package, GIMP will still be available through the Ubuntu Software Center. As for Ubuntu users with GIMP a later plan to upgrade the program will still find it in his system.

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New Twitter API

Twitter has launched a new capability that allows new users to the service twitter got them from third party application or website. In order to attract more new users, creating twitter Sign Up API feature that allows anyone to make Accout twitter from other websites.

But so far, the new functionality is present on Citysearch, the U.S. local sites that provide business information and directions to various public services. The owner of the account on Citysearch businessman who made a twitter account using the new API, could see their tweets appear in the business pages Citysearch

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